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Due to COVID-19 this race is being put on pause until 2021.

If you are looking for a safe, fun (and legal) way to get back on the trails together, visit the Running is Not Closed trail series.
Stay safe and healthy my trail friends!

General Information

The Important Details/Rules:
  1. Each of these organized runs will have a maximum number of participants set at just 15-20 runners so spots will be very limited
  2. All runs will be held on legally open trails
  3. Each run will be an out and back. It will be marked exceptionally well.
  4. All runs will have a 30k and 50k option
  5. Each run will offer a beautiful finisher medal handmade in the USA, and an awesome finishers shirt made in the USA
  6. Each individual run will have precise results that will be loaded to ultrasignup the same day as the fun run
  7. These fun runs can be ran as competitive as you want. If you choose to run it fast then feel free to! Your finish time will be recorded 100% accurately from the time you start to the time you finish.
  8. When you finish your run you will collect your finisher medal, shirt, and cold bottled water (which will be sanitized/wiped and in a sanitized/wiped gallon ziplock bag) and then you must not hang around. All finishers will have to leave when finished. No congregating in groups.
  9. Results will be posted that day on ultrasignup
  10. These runs are limited to CA residents


For each of the run in the series you will have three aid stations along your routes that you will hit on your “out and back” courses. These aid stations will be zero contact aid stations. Runners are not allowed under any circumstances to touch anything. You must enter the minimal aid station, open your own pack or bottle, and the volunteer will pour water or electrolyte for you while the volunteer wears gloves. This volunteer will put on a clean pair of gloves every 20 mins. There will be no food or cups. Just water, Fluid electrolyte, GU gels and GU waffles, and ice. Ice will only be touched by the volunteer using a scooper. This scooper will be replaced with a clean scooper every half hour. These aid stations will be incredibly minimal and follow all safety and sanitary rules.


This 30k & 50k run will start in Ladera Ranch, and run to Oneill' Park, and back. The route is an out and back, and ran 100% on trails. The 50k will have three aid stations total. One of which will be hit twice. The 30k will have two aid stations and one that will be hit twice. Only 50k runners may have drop bags. You will see your drop bag at mile 15 (aid station and turn around spot). This is the easier of all the races in our series over the Summer. When you register you will be emailed a strava link w/elevation profile.


These runs are low key grassroots events that are meant to be fun. Running in the fresh air on trails is the best medicine for all of life’s stressors, and we want to give you that gift. These races are inexpensive, and just meant to be a fun way to legally and safely get back out on the trails again together. If you have issues with us having these funs runs then stay home. We are ok with that.


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