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These runs are low key grassroots events that are meant to be fun. Running in the fresh air on trails is the best medicine for all of life’s stressors, and we want to give you that gift. These races are inexpensive, and just meant to be a fun way to legally and safely get back out on the trails again together.

San Juan Capistrano

Laguna Niguel

San Juan Capistrano / San Clemente

Chiquita Falls

Things you need to know

Every series is unique! Locations, distances, start times, conditions, etc. Make sure to check back regularly for updates to this and every KH series.

Lottery Information

Medals & Shirts

Hang tight! More details to come.

Bib pickup

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Race Noms

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Parking Details

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Safe Socially-Distant Racing

We make sure to provide safe and effective racing protocols ensure your health and safety.
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