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Due to COVID-19 this race is being put on pause until 2021.

If you are looking for a safe, fun (and legal) way to get back on the trails together, visit the Running is Not Closed trail series.
Stay safe and healthy my trail friends!

In the meantime

Check out our virtual race!

Things you need to know

Every series is unique! Locations, distances, start times, conditions, etc. Make sure to check back regularly for updates to this and every KH series.

Lottery Information

This race is very limited to runners! I will only be accepting 150 runners total. The lottery will open Nov 15th on Ultrasignup. It will be open until December 1st. I will select 150 people from the lottery on December 1st, 2020. 

I will have a small waitlist of just 50 people. No more than this. 

Once you are selected from the lottery your credit card WILL NOT be charged until March 15th, 2020 so as to avoid any chance of cancellation due to Covid. You will get a reminder email on March 1st that you will be required to pay on March 15th. 

You must have one of the following qualifications below completed (no exceptions) in order to apply for the lottery, and be excepted: 

1. Two 100k finishes in the last 4 years 
2. A 100 mile finish of any kind

Medals & Shirts

Hang tight! More details to come.

Bib pickup

Hang tight! More details to come.

Race Noms

Hang tight! More details to come.

Parking Details

Hang tight! More details to come.

Safe Socially-Distant Racing

We make sure to provide safe and effective racing protocols ensure your health and safety.
Download our Covid-19 Guidelines

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